Peter grew up around the cattle arriving as an eleven week old puppy with rather large feet. Most of the animals on the farm treated him as part of the family with Peter loving nothing more than when they have babies for him to kiss! His favourite cow was Patch who he had a great relationship with, you would often find Peter curled up in the silage with Patch eating over him. Every year when Patch had her baby Peter would be like the father and get very anxious. Peter never got over losing Patch, it took him weeks to even go into the shed she used to be in. He had many other great relationships with many of the other Moo's, especially the the hand reared ones like Stevie, Maedee, Elizabeth and off course Miracle. Peter also got on very well with James Bond who used to come on walks with him. Peter would also take him for walks on his halter, there is a lovely picture of Peter walking James just weeks before he became poorly. He still insisted on coming to see his Moo's right until the end, seeing them all only hours before he sadly passed away with a major liver disease. Many of the Moo's couldn't understand where he had gone, the worst was probably Nellie who would wait in the same spot every night for at least a month to get her goodnight kiss from Peter. Peter is buried by the Red Oak tree and footpath so he can bark at everyone as much as he likes, his grave area is now a little garden with a nice paddock around it where his favourite bull Forest spends most of the summer.