George is from a long line of livestock farmers. Having spent all his youth growing up on farms he has a passion for all things cattle especially the Simmental breed. Over the last few years he has been using his skills to completely transform a local cattle enterprise and turn it into a progressive beef unit. With George’s knowhow and a massive investment by the owners it has gone from a 40ish cow herd selling all calves as stores to a 100-plus herd finishing everything on farm. George does all of this single handed. George has also gained many qualifications over the last few years to help him to reduce costs by doing all the previously-outsourced work himself.    

•    Dutch Five Step Foot Trimming
•    Artificial Insemination
•    To carry out the Synchronization program on cattle including injecting all drugs required
•    Safe Use Of Veterinary Medicines in Cattle, Sheep and Pigs
•    Safe Transportation of Livestock (Short Journey up to Eight Hours) 
•    NPORS Operator for all Telescopic Handlers and Counterbalance Fork Lift Trucks
•    Pesticides PA1, PA2 and PA4

•    Safe use of Quad Bikes

As well as establishing our own herd of cattle, George has played a major part in establishing a new pedigree Red Aberdeen Angus herd using new genetics imported from Argentina. He dealt with the whole process from importing them from Argentina to calving the first batch of calves.

George has also played a major part in developing the new farm complex for the herd he looks after, this means he now has direct contact with some of the best specialists in the cattle building design world.


He is  also very keen to show the general public all the good farmers do, this has resulted in him:

•    Building a website dedicated to the cattle herds in his care as well as Red Oak Simmentals

•    Using social media to keep people informed what is going on day to day.
•    Hosting an Open Farm Sunday event attracting over 400 people.
•    Hosting the Aberdeen Angus Youth Development Program.
•    Producing an annual calendar using pictures of the cattle through the year, giving it to   friends on social media etc.
•    Establishing a beef box enterprise to supply beef direct from the farm.
•    Giving talks to local people so they can learn more about what we do and hosting events for AHDB Beef & Lamb.

George was an early user of the MooCall calving sensor and is using thermal imaging to help reduce antibiotic use, he is also looking into other uses for thermal imaging in the herds and is the owner of Miracle Tech. He is an active member of Towcester Vets Beef Discussion Group, a past member of the AHDB Progressive Beef Farmer Group and Dawn Meats Progressive Farmer Group.