Tilbrook Wanda 

Female - UK201631 600193 - DOB 27/10/2008

Simmental Herd Book Number F089772

Wanda was brought in 2014 to start the Red Oak herd. She was heavily in calf at the time and subsequently she gave birth to Forest before being moved to our holding. She is a typical Simmental cow being very docile and a cracking mother, she has also given us the very cheeky Herbie. Unfortunately she aborted the calf she was carrying that should have been born in January 2017 though no obvious reason except for the possibility she may have been chased by a dog (all blood test were negative for any potential problems and we do have a lot of inconsiderate dog owners who use the rights of way though the grazing). She will be put to the bull to calve again in January 2018.