Tilbrook Cindy (Deceased) 

Female - UK201631 600263 - DOB 06/04/2011

Simmental Herd Book Number F098781

Cindy arrived with her lovely heifer calf Finch at foot in July 2015 also being in calf to calve later that year. In early October whilst she still had Finch at foot she decided to catch us out and calve the very lovely Gypsy-Rose (the first animal born to the Red Oak prefix). In November 2016 she had another heifer calf Heidi (this being the first calf born that had been artificially inseminated by George since he got qualified). Cindy has to have been one of the easiest animals to have around being very docile, a cracking mother and best of all she was no trouble to get back in calf and had a calf every year. A really perfect cow around.