We are now taking orders for delivery in early December 2019 just in time for Christmas.

Please get in touch ASAP as it is again on a first come first served basis!

All orders need to be placed by 31st October please.

Alternatively if you would like us to let you know when we are taking orders for our next delivery slot then please get in touch by either dropping us an email or give George a call on 07751 414265.


The beef we use for our beef boxes are all produced using cattle that are home-born and home-raised under George's care, they only leave the farm on the day they have to be slaughtered (another sleepless night!).


They are born between mid-January and mid-April, being turned out in the fields from the end of April until late October / early November. They spend their first season with their mothers drinking milk and eating grass, they are also given a calf creep containing a 16% protein meal we buy in mixed with our own home grown oats. At housing they are weaned from their mothers and fed a mix of home-grown grass silage and whole crop silage to which we add some brought in minerals.


In April of the second year they are turned out into the fields again, this time they graze on grass alone. Some of the older animals will be finished from grass over these months with the younger ones being housed around the end of August so as to finish them over the early winter period. Again these are fed on home produced feed with a few brought in minerals.


Whist the animals are housed they always have access to fresh water from our rain water harvesting system and are always kept clean by using only the best barley straw, given to them every morning so as to keep it fresh.


Although we do not farm sheep or pigs we are planning to work with local suppliers in the future so we can offer you quality lamb and pork boxes as well as our beef boxes. They will be born and raised on their farm to a very high standard as our beef is.


We will post more about this on the website and on social media as and when we find someone.