"Was an amazing day! Very impressed by how smoothly it all ran and amazed by all the displays and demos.

Isla had a fantastic birthday with all the 'moooooo's' and enjoyed a yummy piece of cake for her tea".



"We came to visit and the children had a great time, thank you. So nice to see a real farm set up and be able to ask questions. Too many farms these days are trying to be fayres and lose the focus - your day was much better for keeping it simple".


 Val from Leaf;

" It was really nice to meet you yesterday at your Open Farm Sunday event - what a fantastic day! It was great to hear all about the work that you are doing at Red Oak and to meet the people involved. You should be so proud of everything that you have achieved so far and your passion for your animals and the breeding program was self-evident! I know that your visitors will have gone away touched by your enthusiasm and the way that you all explained everything so clearly. I will also follow 'my' calf! What a great idea to get people to follow the progress from insemination to birth.

Please also thank Jackie for taking the time to join me on my walk and for sharing her knowledge of the village and farm with me".


Mark - The Powis of Photography;

"Fantastic day at Red Oak Farm Open Farm Sunday event. Great to see the agricultural equipment up close and even get to climb aboard a tractor or two. Amazing opportunity to watch a very key demonstration of artificial insemination which is not something that most people get to learn about. Also brilliant to see how well the Red Angus are coming on since I last visited them. Well done George and team. Thank you for the beautiful cake made for the birthday girl".


TJC Agricultural Engineering;

"Well we've had a cracking day down in Brackley at Red Oak Farm for Open Farm Sunday. A massive thanks to George Coles and his team for their hard work making this such an interesting and productive day and to all the exhibitors who were always happy to answer any questions about the modern kit used throughout the agricultural industry today. With an estimated turnout of between 4-500 people it was a great day that I hope we will be attending again".


Pamela - Phoenix Trader

"Dear Tanya, I hope when you sat back last night, you felt that you had had a successful day - certainly everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves! Also the Walking with the Wounded were well supported. Thank you very much for inviting me to have a stall - I hardly ever get to 'spread out my wares' like that, it was a real joy! If you decide to have another Open Farm Day next year, I hope you will invite me to come along again".



"Thanks for a great day out! We all had a great day. Sorry to hear what happened that night, lets hope they catch the scumbags".  (Referring to the break in)