Now some thank you's from George;


Tanya' parents Steve and Tina; especially Steve for all the help in the week before and for cooking the BBQ for everyone after, and George's Mum Mary. Gareth from Towcester Vets, Alan from Heygates and Hal from TJ Agriculture. The Argentine cowboy Ricky Truffer for demonstrating his AI skills and Kevin for looking after the machinery. Alec, Henry, Gussie and Kitty Howard for being superstars. Our four local businesses for putting on a small shopping area, our catering van and ice cream van. Polly from WWTW charity and Hal and Gareth's wives for helping. 

 Stuart Harlow and Hands on Hawking for their displays and the lovely birds, everyone loved them. The man behind the camera, Mark Powis of The Powis of Photography for all the lovely photos. Jeremy and John Turney of Turney Fieldforce for the loan of the blue tractor, the kids loved it big and small! 

All the Red Oak Team; Jackie, Roger, Tanya, James, Peter the Puppy and all the moo's.

And the biggest thank you of all to all the people who came, I hope you enjoyed yourselves.