We shall be putting on some demonstrations thoughout the day to give you an insight into

some of the tasks we carry out though the year.

We will be posting a timetable of events nearer to the event, watch this space!

We are very lucky at Red Oak Farm to have some great local companies who we buy products from and true to form they will be at Open Farm Sunday to help us show you what we do.

Towcester Farm Vets will be on hand to explain how they help us keep our cattle in the best of health, how the reproductive cycle of a cow works and all other things medical.

Heygate's animal feeds will be able to tell you about the different feeds that are used to feed our cattle and what else they do. 

TJ Agriculture who have built all of the feed barriers, gates, shed doors and our wonderful handling system will be around to explain to you how they make everything and how they treat the steel to stop the cow muck rotting it.

Turney Fieldforce will have one of their tractors on site for you to have a look around.

  We will be showing you how we

use artificial insemination as part of our breeding program.

Watch how we inseminate a heifer with semen from our selected bull.

If you like you can then take home the details of the heifer you have watched us inseminate and follow her progress on this site. We will scan the heifers approximately thirty days after service to see if they are in calf, if they are then sometime next March the calves will be born. Who knows you maybe able to come to Open Farm Sunday next year and see the heifer with her calf.


With the use of some very special glasses we can give you the vision of a cow. We will have an area where you can put these on and see for yourself why cows react the way they do. We hope this will help people realise how important it is to be sensible when around livestock and keep dogs under control whilst on public rights of way. We may even be able to prevent accidents happening in the future with this demonstration.

Cox & Robinson are lending us a model cow for the day (we know our girls are quiet but I think we would be asking a bit much to expect them to stand still all day!). With this we can demonstrate how we use our calving aid without hurting the cow or calf and how our Moocall device works. You can also see how we use a thermal imaging camera to help us treat cows with bad hips and feet. See a clever hand held milking machine George imported from America and learn how it saves him time and pain. This was used to feed Miracle for the first three months of her life.



Meet the Harlow family and learn about 

the memorial tree they have planted on the site.

Find out why we named the farm 

Red Oak Farm.

We will have some of the equipment we use around the farm on display. You can see how the cows' feed is mixed and fed to them and the piece of kit we use to give them their daily bedding throughout the winter attached to our  telehandler. Black beauty, our Fendt 936 tractor will have the cross slot drill imported from New Zealand attached to it, we will have some of our silaging equipment on show and the tractor from Turney Fieldforce for everyone to look at.

Tony and his gang from Avian pest control will be bring some of their birds of prey

along for people to see.

Weather permitting they will also be doing some flying demos.

 Telephone : 07548 518178